Leafythings Review


What is Leafythings?

Leafythings is an all-in-one premier marijuana app that’s available for Canadian users.

It’s everything you need in a marijuana app and more, including finding information, dispensaries and delivery services.

The app makes it easy for CBD enthusiasts to get what they need quickly and conveniently by introducing several features.

Leafythings App Features

Cannabis Brands, Strains and Others

A marijuana app must have up-to-date and useful information, something Leafythings has in spades. Beginners will find a lot to like about the app as it contains a guide on how you can find the best CBD and THC strains that’s right for you, dosages and CBD levels and more.

Marijuana veterans will also find Leafythings useful due to its ever-expanding library of resources. Users can leave reviews on all the strains in the app and help others make informed decisions in the future. Top marijuana brands and edibles are here in full force as well.

Marijuana Dispensaries

Leafythings works just like a shopping app in that it allows you to browse through brands, CBD makers and their available products. You can shop for strains, edibles and services that can supplement traditional medicine or treat an underlying condition.

Relevant information, including websites, phone numbers and dispensary information are displayed prominently. As a bonus you’ll be able to find same day delivery services as well as get deals to save money on cannabis.

Weed Map

Leafythings has a Maps-style feature that lets you locate dispensaries locally or nationwide in Canada. The map itself is intuitive and works as intended- search for a shop or a location, then the app displays all the available ones depending on your search parameter.

Tapping on a dispensary will reveal pertinent details, such as phone number, official website and exact address.


Leafythings is a must-have for those who need help looking for marijuana, cannabis, and CBD products in Canada. It’s designed to be easy to use and work as a handy guide for weed beginners and enthusiasts.

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