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Picture of Gas Gang Vape Pen - 1G

Gas Gang Vape Pen - 1G


GAS GANG Disposable Pen 1000MG If you are in a public place and there is no way to get into some sneaky place, you need to try these Gas Gang disposable vape pens for your THC needs. What these vape pens do is amazing, you get your full dose of THC and all its amazing effects without any distinctive Marijuana smell. Also, the flavors in this vape pen are a delight to have.

Picture of Blackberry AAA 28g

Blackberry AAA 28g

From $50.00

Blackberry Kush is an indica strain - 80% Indica

King Kush Strain

King Kush AAA

From $50.00

“A King may only be King so long as you trust in his power and choose to let him keep it.” An appropriate quote for a powerful bud fit to its name and its duty. King Kush is bred of two royal houses, OG Kush and the ever elusive Grape Ape strains. This strong bud builds over time, gaining your trust before hitting like a ton of bricks and having you completely stoned and relaxed for hours on end.