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In summary, the Pink X Green Crack marijuana strain is a perfect hybrid between Green Crack and Pink Kush and it comprises 50% of Sativa and Indica genetics. It’s a strain that you can take during the daytime. It’ll ensure you’re energized and powered to do your daily chores. It’s also perfect for both beginners and experienced users. If you’ve ever smoked Pink Kush and Green Crack, your flavour bud will appreciate the taste of the Pink X Green Crack strain as it’s an ideal combination of its parents. Its strength gives you satisfaction, euphoric effects, and medicinal value that assist patients in combating loss of appetite, pain, and depression.
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The Pink X Green Crack weed strain is a cross between Green Crack and Pink Kush. This is pure marijuana and, therefore, don’t let the name trick you. A couple of strains compare to the pungent energy and focus of the Green Crack as it instigates an invigorating mental feeling that keeps you going all day.

In its extraordinary variations, pink hairs break from radiant green buds that are hardly visible under a saccharine-like trichomes’ blanket, with hints of candy perfume and sweet vanilla. This pleasant hybrid variety derives its name from the distinctive pink hairs that emerge from its buds.

This strain is Indica-prevalent. It’s a product that comes from breeding Green Crack and Pink Kush into premium quality marijuana that creates a pleasing body-focused high. The Pink X Green Crack strain is as saccharine and potent as its name and parentage imply.

It has strong pain-relieving characteristics and a tangy taste. In this review, we look at the Pink X Green Crack strain in detail.

28-30% THC

60% Sativa
40% Indica Hybrid

PRICE BREAKS - The more you buy, the more you save
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