Platinum Pink AAA 1/2 Lb

Platinum Pink Kush is an indica dominant hybrid with parents Platinum Kush and Pink Kush. The sedating high from this strain makes it perfect for a night of anxiety-free relaxation. Plus, this pungent bud features a pine aroma with a sweet and earthy flavour.
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Flavour, Aroma, and Effects

Platinum Pink’s pungent aroma is sure to fill the room you’re in. Reminiscent of sweet berry and pine trees with hints of earthy flavour on the exhale. Platinum Pink produces a mellow and relaxed buzz that can dance you into a peaceful sleep. At first, you’ll feel an elevated rush that eases your mind before quickly turning into a sedative relaxation. Thanks to the strains potent effects, Platinum Pink is perfect for evening and night time use.

Medicinal Benefits

The narcotic-body buzz the strain provides make it a perfect choice for treating ailments such as chronic pain, muscle spasms and insomnia. In addition, the strain is also found to be effective in combatting migraines as well as other kinds of mood disorders.


  • Grade: AAA+
  • Type: Indica
  • Flavour: Earthy, Sweet, Berry, Gas
  • Effects: Relaxed, Euphoric, Sedated, Sleepy
  • Helps With: Depression, Stress, Pain, Anxiety
PRICE BREAKS - The more you buy, the more you save
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